Spring Forage

Thankfully, winter does not last forever! In the spring there is no more
temptation to dip into the white flour canister and whip up biscuits and
gravy or grandma’s banana bread. Ah, as the daylight hours grow
longer, we lose the urge to rummage through the fridge for high carb
“no-no’s.” With the onset of spring, thick, sweet, hot, heavy, bloating,
high glycemic platters of food suddenly have no appeal!

And, to coin a phrase borrowed from a popular shark film, “just as you
thought it was safe to go back on your diet…” here comes spring! The
fabled season of birth and renewal, of life, regeneration, energy and
love has a down side for some. Everything smells fresh and sweet;
tender green grass, fragrant new flower buds, spring rain carried along
on gentle breezes. We start moving again, we are out sneezing from
allergies, hustling and bustling. We use more energy and our schedules
pick up in intensity. Life in general increases…and so do our appetites.

Now, instead of wanting comfort foods on a dark, cold day, we need an
“energy snack” while we are on the run. We expel more energy than we
have for the past two or three months and our “snack” triggers are
activated. After all, we are creatures of nature and we respond to the
seasonal cycles. We are instinctively following nature’s urges to forage
through the season’s fresh and plentiful bounty. Advanced Turmeric¬† Like the bear, we want
to hunt out snacks after winter’s hibernation. Like the cattle and hooved
creatures of the field and plains, we seek energy through munching,
nibbling, grazing and, yes, foraging.

However, as low carbers, we are in a terrific position…this negative cycle for high carbers is actually a positive for us! Eating the high carb way is a major disadvantage during spring because they reach for unhealthy,
carb-laden foods. Although we must be mindful of where we forage and
graze, low carbers have a distinct advantage over those who eat the
“old” way. Yes, a distinct advantage indeed! As long as we watch our
meal portions, and only snack when we are truly hungry or “empty,” then
spring is our smorgasboard. Graze through the fresh salad greens and
tender dark green veggies, root through the nuts and berries, forage for
pork rinds, bacon bits and a myriad of cheeses, and rejoice in the low-
carb lifestyle we have chosen!

Spring symbolizes renewal and vitality…so enjoy renewing your fridge’s
crisper bin, meat tray, and pantry. Feel the vitality of the low carb way of life, and eat guilt-free. Forage to your heart’s content–literally.

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